"We, the members of The Delta Chi Fraternity, believing that great advantages are to be derived from a brotherhood of college and university men, appreciating that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education." 


The Delta Chi Fraternity is an international secret-letter collegiate social fraternity, this means the rituals and secrets of our fraternity are not open to the general public. We recruit men who value friendship, have strong character, believe in equality for all men, and are looking to achieve scholastic excellence.  

The fraternity was originally founded as a law fraternity on October 13, 1890 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

In April of 1922, Delta Chi became a general fraternity, meaning it was open to men of all areas of study, not just law.

In 1929, Delta Chi became the first fraternity to abolish hazing, a stance we still strongly believe in to this day.