Casual Joes; April 5th 
Cocktails: 5:00  Dinner: 6:00

Below is the list of our finest fraternity brothers that will take you on an extravagant date you will never forget.

To place a bid send an email to and include the following:

- Your name

- Name of brother

- Bid amount

Bidding closes Monday April 2nd at 8pm.

Happy bidding everyone!   

Garrett Arnold

Current Bid: $20

A bid for me buys you my dog for the day...some BBQ...and a lot of fun

Jason Schmitter

Current Bid: $20

I’m Jason aka DJ Escobar aka DJ Taquito. Some of my hobbies include dropping beats and blasting airhorns obnoxiously. If you can’t find me behind the DJ booth, I’m most likely either crossing Andy Stoeckel up on the basketball courts or serenading Whitewater on the roof of Delta Chi with my guitar. Some people say I’m the fiddler on the roof… except without a fiddle, and more guitar. Anyways, if you bid $20 dollars or more I’ll sing Hey There Delilah for you except I’ll take out Delilah and put your name in it instead.

Angel Espinosa

Current Bid: $20

Hi I'm Angel. A little something about myself is that I am an avid dog lover. I can also cook up some fire Mexican food, literally. In my spare time I love long walks around campus and occasionally roasting Jason Schmitter. And with a bid, you get that much closer to the best night of your life. @ Taylor Bauer.

Tannes Ames

Current Bid: $0

im 54% from the free throw line

Daniel Hafer

Current Bid: $20

bid on me plz

Nick Stark

Current Bid: $20

Make a bid or catch me outside how bout dat

P.S. I have a girlfriend who will pay a lot so be ready to go to war

Tom Dircks

Current Bid: $10

Hi I’m Tom,
When you find yourself looking for a someone who is a little too responsible then I’m your guy. For a Freshman I probably take my career to seriously, but hey at least you know I will be able to support a family. When I am not busy with the Whitewater Investment Group, I am chilling with my friends. If you buy me expect a down to earth dinner and an overall good time.

Derek Pettit

Current: $15

Before you, I never believed in forever. Now, I know that it is no longer enough to spend with you.

Patrick Dulaney

Current Bid: $10

Good thing you have your Hawkcard because I know you are totally checking me out. If you like to know what's on the menu for dinner it is Me ‘n’ u. If you like the cut of my jib, I would be enchanted to spend the evening with you. Slap that bid button now before I am snatched up by another lovely lady. I enjoy long walks on the beach which get interrupted by rainstorms. Singing in the rain is one of my favorite activities even though singing voice is not one to brag about.

Trent Graves

Current Bid: $25

For those who want to put a bid for me...I enjoy very short and to the point walks on the beach. I hate pina coladas and despise getting caught in the rain. I wear Velcro sneakers and I'm super upset Club Penguin is gone sooo hopefully that'll win your wallet ;)

Jake Howard

Current Bid: $20

The Life of Jake Howard:
First off, I love the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and sightseeing. My favorite place in the United States is definitely Colorado, and I am going to live there one day. I aspire to be a small animal veterinarian and I am currently a biology major with a pre-med emphasis. Bid on me if you want to know more!

Jackson Wilhelm

Current Bid: $10

my max bench is the bar with 5's on each side

Keegan Ditsch

Current Bid: $31

just call me keegs

Gary Sanders

Current Bid: $15

is that chemistry between us or is that just my major?

Zach Fuller

Current Bid: $20

hopefully goob bids on me

Michael Barrera

Current Bid: $25

yeah i hit the gym

Charles Kudy

Current Bid: $15

If you are looking for a gentleman with a good head on his shoulders, sense of humor, and goals in life look no further. I will be sure keep your night lively and interesting. I am able to hold a conversation and not stare at my phone the whole time, and will make sure that you’re enjoying the night just as much as I am with you. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed!

Kyle Miller

Current Bid: $0

You wanna go eat food. You know the code

Dustin Syrjanen

Current Bid: $15

i have the funniest jokes

Michael Voelkel

Current Bid: $10

If you are wondering yes, I’m probably shorter than you, but at a whopping 5’5” I can definitely say good things come in small packages. If you bid on me I’ll make sure to bring the step stool so we can have a conversation face to face

Brian Czapla

Current Bid: $10

the man, the myth, the butch

James Langnes III

Current Bid: $0

James Langnes, also known as "The Big Man on Campus" is a busy man. If he isn't in a meeting, he's probably out with your girlfriend. There's only two things bigger than his ego and one of them is his heart.

Austin Mandrell

Current Bid: $20

hey shawty

Cameron Szyszka

Current Bid: $10

bid on me and ill tell you a Cam Fact

Jeff Greenhalgh

Current Bid: $10

Always a fun time, I'm a a former 3-sport athlete and will do any task or fulfill any need that you need.

London Beth

Current Bid: $15

Donald J. Trump and I are in a beautiful relationship so no need to bid on me, he will out bid anyone either way. $$$$$$$$$$

Billy Todd

Current Bid: $0

i love long rides in my ford with my pup

Jason Meyers

Current Bid: $10

my favorite position is CEO ;)

Peter Johnson

Current Bid: $0

call me d squared

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